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Step-By-Step: Getting a Job at a Cybersecurity Firm

Whether you’re looking for a new career or to start your first career in cybersecurity, the hiring process at a new company can be daunting if you aren’t familiar with the flow of steps. Every position is slightly different; however, the hiring process at MindPoint Group and other cybersecurity firms typically follow similar steps. At MPG, we strive to have a simple, responsive hiring process, because we’re looking to grow with the best. Knowing the usual path of the recruitment process, as outlined below, can be a great asset when you’re planning for new roles, interviews, and offers.

1.    Application – On the application we’re looking for you to shine through on paper. The application in many cases goes beyond your resume. Take the time to answer the questions in the application with the role and company in mind.You will be asked to attach your resume, so make sure it is polished and targeted to the role in which you are applying. Make it easy for the recruiter(who is probably not super technical) to see that you have the skills they are looking for in the position you are applying for. PRO TIP: Don’t share the same resume with every company you are applying for. Take the time to tailor your resume to include key elements from the job posting that match your experience. Your resume is likely one of dozens or even hundreds of resumes to be reviewed; make sure you stand out in the best ways possible.

2.    Phone Screen with the Recruiter – After reviewing your application and resume, if the recruiter feels you could fit the role, they will set up an introductory 30-minute call with you to get pertinent information that will help decide if you are a fit. There are typically some logistics questions including salary, confirming location, will you have a second job in conflict, etc. They will also dig a little more into your story including why you left some of your recent roles you are looking for a new role, and potentially some additional technical questions about your functions at recent roles. At the end of that conversation, the Recruiter should set expectations on next steps and if they will be submitting you to the manager or not.

3.    Interviewing with the Team – If the team likes your application, resume, and the notes from the Recruiter on the phone screen, then there will be one or a series of interviews with technical experts on the team and the Hiring Manager to obtain any information more in depth than what the Recruiter covered. This can be one panel interview or a series of individual interviews. This step can take from one week up to a few depending on the pool of candidates that they are interviewing. PRO TIP: Remember, the interview process is an opportunity for you to ask questions as well. It will allow you to make sure both the company believes you are a good fit for the role, and that you believe the company is a good fit for you. You are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you.

4.    Offer from the Company – You have made it and the company wants you on their team--and hopefully you want to be on theirs! The Recruiter will reach out to you to make a formal offer and send the documents with the offer letter and benefit information for you to review to make your decision.

5.    Accepting the Offer – This is your time to make sure you have all the information you need to make the decision. Most companies, including MPG, will give you 2-3 business days to reviewthe information and make your final decision. Don’t hesitate to ask the Recruiter for as much information as you need to feel comfortable making your decision to take the offer or pass.

6.    Background checks and clearance crossover – Once you formally accept an offer you should expect to have a background check with a 3rd party provider. Every company will verify different things so if you are concerned about anything, ask what it covers. Results typically take around 3-5 business days for all verifications to complete. For those with government security clearances, there will also be a clearance crossover with the government client you will be supporting that can take approximately 2-10 weeks depending on the agency.

7.    Onboarding – Once you have cleared the background checks and any clearance crossover check, you will work with your Recruiter to set your start date. Be sure to set expectations with your recruiter and hiring manager of when you can start, and when the company can start you in the role. The company will need time to onboard you with equipment and get access to systems. You also may need to give notice at your current company. You will go through an orientation with the company and, depending on your role and the position, get started with your new job. Your first day with the company should feel like crossing the finish line on your job hunt that will move you forward in your career. Enjoy the ride!

Ultimately, MindPoint Group wants you to be a part of what we're building. We use our award-winning recruitment process to seek the most skilled, experienced, and driven information security consulting experts in the industry, while simultaneously empowering applicants to determine if MindPoint Group is the right fit for them. We are profoundly invested in selecting the right people to join our team and are equally driven to expand and develop careers long-term. Let’s make the world safer together.


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