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DevOps Approach to Engineering

DevOps Engineering Approach

MindPoint Group’s DevOps approach to Security Engineering delivers direct value to our customers by bringing a DevOps engineering culture that is in alignment with our overall lean management approach.

MindPoint Group believes that while large enterprise tools are required building blocks, true value to the enterprise is driven by wiring these tools together using a DevOps approach. Our approach focuses on starting with a small set of requirements that can deliver value and then build, test, and deploy. Our approach creates a feedback loop and works to drive the cycle time down between in-taking feedback and releasing new features.

Creating Efficiency Through Collaboration

We also focus on facilitating a positive working relationship between elements of an IT organization to create a more collaborative and successful operation that drives business value. Shared toolsets, cross-pollination of ideas, and information sharing between the organizations are requirements to drive real success. We credit our ability to build relationships and collaborate with others in challenging IT organizations to implement great successes in short timeframes.

Our approach is also centered around eliminating silos and promoting synergy. In particular, we have focus on paying down technical debt and “wire together” core security tools in order to deliver more value to the enterprise from existing tools as well as new ones. This increases situational awareness while also driving efficiencies in operations.