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Decision Analysis & Resolution

A Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) process is designed to ensure that important decisions regarding technology expenditures are made in a sensible and defensible way. MPG understands the importance of implementing an effective DAR process in order to ensure that these decisions are well-informed and supported by technical analysis primarily focused on evaluating how the options fit within the context of your organization. Our DAR process will help your organization to:

  • Account for your organization’s needs and requirements;
  • Factor in both technical security requirements as well as operational support and other requirements;
  • Include key stakeholders representing various parts of the organization into the panel evaluating options; and
  • Serve as the security SME and “arbitrator” for the DAR process helping to ensure options are evaluated consistently and objectively to increase the effectiveness of recommendations.

The MindPoint Group DAR process helps ensure that critical and limited organizational resources are directed to solutions that will provide the greatest return. Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization.