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Configuration Management, Change Control & Automation

Configuration management and change control are critical processes for any IT organization, but these are so often done poorly.  MindPoint Group understands that the speed of change that draws so many to DevOps is simply not possible without adherence to these core IT processes while combining them with supporting tools. It is not possible to make changes to bring enhancements and implement new capabilities into an environment where the extent and impact of these changes are not transparent and clearly understandable. Our formula for success in this area is based on:

  • Introducing automation where and when possible, even in legacy environments, in order to build momentum towards efficiency;
  • Moving from opaque systems for configuration control to systems and processes that make configurations (and changes to configurations) completely transparent;
  • Strict adherence to change control processes; and
  • Making sure that change control processes are effective, but not cumbersome.

MindPoint Group understands the value of implementing DevOps practices in any organization. We also understand that true DevOps practices integrate all technical teams into the processes, development, operations, and security. MindPoint Group has the expertise to implement the necessary processes, automation, and technical controls for an effective configuration management program.