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Security Architecture & Engineering

MindPoint Group’s Security Architecture and Engineering solutions enable organizations to effectively deploy systems with appropriate security mechanisms built in, and to more rapidly and effectively add them to legacy systems in order to protect valuable data.  At the heart of our Security Architecture and Engineering solution is our DevOps approach to Security Engineering which delivers direct value to our customers by bringing a DevOps engineering culture centered around a lean management approach and focused on establishing a powerful engineering engine to drive value to organizational security detection and response functions making those teams better on the front lines of attacks.  MindPoint Group offers several services within this field, which are currently driving customer success. These services are:

  • Configuration Management, Control Change & Automation – support for the implementation of both effective processes and integrated tooling that improve the transparency of system configurations, control over configurations and change, and the rate at which changes can be implemented even while reducing potential negative impacts.
  • Decision Analysis & Resolution – ensure that important decisions regarding development, procurement, or reuse of technology components are made in a sensible and defensible way improving the return on security investments;
  • Security Architecture support the upgrade and enhancement of legacy systems or design of new systems by ensuring that appropriate security controls are implemented based on the organization’s unique needs and requirements; and recommend changes to the infrastructure intended to improve overall security for multiple systems.
  • Security Engineering – implementation of systems designed to support and improve other security functions; and integration of security controls into core business systems to harden and improve resiliency against attack;

MindPoint Group’s has extensive experience providing security engineering and architecture support to various environments. Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization.