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Simple Compliance

Reduce the Pain of Staying Compliant through Ansible Automation

Remember all those hours you and others in your organization spent on getting compliant? And then remember when everyone realized how much work there would be in order to stay compliant, month-after-month, and year-after-year? This necessary but painful event loop is something that everyone at any regulated organization has to deal with.

The good news is that this pain can be alleviated (though not entirely removed) by automating a large quantity of controls.

Do you have to comply with HIPAA and things like 45 CFR 164.312 (Technical safeguard)?

You can automate that.

What about FedRAMP and some of the controls in the Access Control, and Configuration Management families?

You can automate that.

If your organization is already using Ansible perhaps this is exactly what you’re already doing. But is it being done the right way? And are you sure you’ve automated everything that can be automated? What about your compliance documents, are they being updated correctly, if at all?

If your organization is like most enterprises, you had outside help or maybe you stood up a compliance team to develop your policies and documents for continuous monitoring requirements. This is standard, and it’s perfectly okay. But, the truth is that these professionals are not in the same department as the people that are doing the implementation and the risk of having your compliance documentation not line up with your implementation is very real.

With Simple Compliance, we can help you automate every control possible in the best way possible for your people and processes. At the same time, we carry the expertise to make sure that your compliance documentation lines up with what the technology is actually doing and in a way that auditors will approve.