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Secure Start

Start Your Security Automation Journey on the Right Foot

Imagine: You get into the office, hot coffee in hand, and open up your laptop. You decide to take a quick look at your emails, noticing a handful of new emails in the Security Automation filter you set up a while back. When you open the folder you see subject lines such as:

  • Daily Security Drift Report
  • Non-compliant VM Suspended in test environment
  • ALERT: Potentially compromised host shutdown, quarantined.
  • TLS certificates successfully renewed for production
  • Weekly Fail2Ban report
  • Warning: New STIG Revision available for RHEL 7

There are some interesting emails but nothing that requires your immediate intervention; you know that all of the urgent actions have been automated and that all of the relevant folks have been notified. Your team has even already started determining root causes.

You take another sip of your coffee, get up, and head to your first meeting. It’s quick and short, we are simply letting you know that we’ve wrapped up automating your container image pipeline and that all of the base images are being scanned and hardened prior to being pushed into your private Docker registry.

You think to yourself, ‘Life is good’.

This isn’t an unattainable state. It is a level of Security Automation maturity that can be accomplished with the right people, processes, and tools. With Secure Start, we can help you get started on the right foot. Our people have decades of information security experience, and automation experience from implementing in large public and private sector organizations.