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Insider Threat Prevention and Detection

MindPoint Group has been instrumental in establishing Insider Threat Programs for clients who must protect their most valuable assets, sensitive and classified data from unauthorized disclosure. Insider Threat Programs are difficult to implement because of the fine line between information integration, user activity monitoring and an individual’s privacy rights and civil liberties.  While automation and technology increases the likelihood that an insider threat will be detected, the most active defense is a program that also incorporates an informed, trained, and cognizant workforce. MindPoint Group has the experience and expertise necessary to design and implement an effective Insider Threat Program.  MindPoint Group’s insider threat expertise centers around establishing a comprehensive framework focusing on four core disciplines:

  • Information Assurance,
  • Human Resources,
  • Counterintelligence, and
  • Security.

Insider Threat Subject Matter Expertise

MindPoint Group has  implemented the full insider threat analytic and information integration capabilities under a multi-tiered Concept of Operations, establishing multiple threat centers to meet our client’s diverse mission and business needs.  We have worked with our clients to enhance and expand user activity monitoring, establish formal access agreements, identify high value assets and mission essential systems, secure sensitive and classified information, develop insider threat security and awareness materials, collaborate with key stakeholders and create security awareness reports to mature response and analytic capabilities to enable enterprise-wide visibility of potential indicators and detection of insider threats.  Our expertise centers around the core service areas:

  • Intake and tracking of insider threat issues, tips, triggers or other events to support timely analysis and resolution.
  • Collecting and analyzing information from data sources through established agreements to identify indicators of insider threats and evaluate received tips or triggers.
  • Responding and referring insider threat matters by handling the initial review and inquiry process, collaboration, coordination, incident prioritization, and reporting process.
  • Support Investigations through information gathering, analysis, enhanced monitoring, and data integration capabilities.
  • Insider threat training to increase user awareness to detect and report on insider threat matters.

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