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Defensive Posture Assessment

A Defensive Posture Assessment (DPA) can be used to define the necessary capabilities in an organization, capture the current state of operations, clearly delineate the gaps in capabilities, and provide a roadmap for improvements. MPG’s assessment focuses on people, technology, and process providing an evaluation of the organization’s ability to fulfill its core mission.

In line with the continual improvement process that is at the core of a DevOps or ITIL approach, we consider a DPA as part of an ongoing process to identify areas for improvement through an iterative process of conducting DPAs and cyclically feeding lessons learned back into the process improvement mechanisms we put into place to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of current and future capabilities. The DPA can serve as a formal check in the Plan-Do-Check-Act process improvement cycle. As such, the DPA will serve to mature day-to-day operations.

Our team looks at key Computer Network Defense (CND) characteristics to include security foundational, those elements drive by intelligence gathering and formulation efforts, and enterprise elements for the evaluation as depicted in the table above.