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Security Governance and Compliance

At MindPoint Group, our security governance and compliance services include overall program assessments, implementation, testing, documentation, and continuous monitoring related to meeting Federal, state, local, and organizational security requirements. We manage the compliance, development, and maintenance of security standards, policies, procedures, and guidelines for an end-to-end program.

As we review and analyze specific guidance, we never lose sight of the operational interests of the user community. It is the user, after all, who requires access to the information system to satisfy a mission, business, or operational requirement and who assists in ensuring compliance with security requirements.

MindPoint Group is able to offer a multitude of services related to security governance and compliance, including but not limited to:

  • Implementing Governance Programs
  • Security Program Review and Analysis
  • Security Program Management
  • Developing & Maintaining Policies, Procedures & Processes
  • Continuous Monitoring Implementation
  • Security Assessment & Authorization
  • Security Awareness Training Implementation and Tracking
  • Security Documentation & Maintenance
  • Security Metrics Development, Tracking, and Reporting
  • Compliance with the following industry-specific areas:
    • Energy Sector
    • Federal Government & FISMA
    • Financial Industry
    • Health Industry & HIPAA

Get Compliant

Regardless of the compliance drivers impacting your organization, our experienced subject matter experts can assist you to develop and maintain a compliant security program.  Contact MindPoint Group today to learn more.