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Cloud Security Compliance

Cloud Security Compliance provides cloud computing customers with the necessary assurance and proof that cloud service providers have controls in place to keep their data secure. As assets move between cloud environments, it is vital that policy drivers are identified, standards are set, and processes are implemented to ensure effective compliance with security policies and standards to manage and reduce risk to an acceptable level.

At a high level, our cloud security practitioners perform the following:

  • Security assessments using standardized sets of requirements to obtain security authorization
  • Rigorous testing of security controls
  • Continuous monitoring of systems security posture
  • Ongoing risk-based decisions support throughout the life cycle of a system

Our Cloud Security Compliance services focus on ensuring security within the primary components of cloud services. This includes expertise in policy and standards with services such as broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity and on-demand self-service.

Secure Your Cloud

Whether utilizing a public, private, hybrid or community cloud, organizations should feel confident that their cloud service is secure. Contact MindPoint Group to learn how we can help ensure the security of your cloud.