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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Disaster can strike even the most proactive and secure organization.  When it does, the question changes from one of security to one of resilience:  Are you ready to respond to a disaster?  MindPoint Group’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions provide a broad-spectrum approach that can help build resilience and capability back into your organization. We center all planning efforts on the people, data, and hardware as equal, vital components to information assurance. Our experts can help you ensure you can access your information when you need it, where you need it through the following services.

On-Premises Subject Matter Expertise

Our BCDR specialists provide on premise subject matter support by performing Business Impact Analyses and mapping interdependencies among business processes and information systems. We conduct a review of existing policies, including continuity and disaster recovery plans for adequacy to ensure that your business processes and systems are available when you need them most.

Training Support

We understand the importance of workplace education and use a variety of training tools and methods, including tabletop exercises planned outages and functional fail-overs to evaluate how the organization performs under stress. With the most up-to-date Federal and industry guidance, MindPoint Group will ensure your organization is trained to the latest standards and best practices in business continuity and organizational resilience.

Exercise Facilitation

We can help educate the workforce through a variety of training tools and methods, including tabletop exercises that walk system and business owners through a notional outage and ask how they would respond. One area of emphasis is the intersection of cybersecurity incident response and business continuity, including processes to invoke continuity operations in the wake of a cyber incident and the need to validate and render safe back-up data.