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Continuous Monitoring

Following the successful achievement of a FedRAMP P-ATO, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) must then move on to the Continuous Monitoring phase of the FedRAMP Security Assessment Framework. This is where having MindPoint Group as your trusted partner will help ensure the continuation of your hard work in attaining FedRAMP compliance. While FedRAMP requires the use of a 3PAO to perform continuous monitoring activities for all CSPs, MindPoint Group believes this should also serve to benefit the CSPs outside of simply maintaining compliance. Our services aim to help CSPs by:

  • Performing ongoing security assessments to ensure security controls continue to remain effective
  • Identifying the latest security threats and offering expert mitigation strategies
  • Enabling timely risk management decisions
  • Minimizing the impact of unnoticed security vulnerabilities
  • Identifying strategic security measures aimed at avoiding future costly breaches

Our team of experts will guide you through the ongoing FedRAMP continuous monitoring process to ensure compliance is maintained and most importantly, security implemented and treated as a priority.