Penetration Testing

Discover your application vulnerabilities so you can protect your organization from attackers.

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Applications are your everything. We’ll help you keep your sensitive data out of the hands of attackers.

Your applications are how users interact with you daily, so they’re critical to your business. And yet, they also represent the most likely point of entry by attackers.

Finding and rooting out application vulnerabilities is a critical part of your cybersecurity defense. The fact is that your applications are complex, and flaws can expose much more than just sensitive data. Application flaws can expose internal assets and data, and cause widespread damage to your brand, and open you to significant liabilities.

As a company or government agency, you must protect your organization’s most vulnerable assets, whether it’s the sensitive customer data within a mobile app or employee information from an internal web application. If there are flaws in your applications, attackers will find and exploit them, causing irreparable harm to your organization and customers.

Penetration testing & ethical hacking

MindPoint Group’s Penetration Testing goes beyond traditional assessments by demonstrating how exploiting and chaining together vulnerabilities can result in your organization being compromised. Emulating these potential attacks is the best way to find these vulnerabilities.

MPG’s approach to penetration testing may include:

  • Performing network mapping and foot-printing against the network
  • Enumerating application services
  • Identifying potential vulnerabilities
  • Exploiting identified vulnerabilities through proof-of-concept attacks
  • Progressing through a series of exploits to gain and elevate system access
  • Detailed reporting of our findings

We use state of the art techniques and tools along with our extensive experience testing numerous platforms:

  • Web applications
  • Web APIs
  • SaaS-delivered applications
  • On-premises applications
  • Custom applications
  • Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software applications
  • Software/hardware appliances
  • Hybrid applications

Finally, our penetration tests employ five primary areas of analysis:

  • Authentication
  • Session management
  • Authorization
  • Application logic and data handling
  • Static code analysis

Penetration testing results

MPG’s testing methodology output is an easily understood and detailed report. These reports include relevant high-level details that convey risks to upper management, as well as full vulnerability details that developers and administrators use to understand required remediation steps. Our pen-testing reports are both actionable and informative.

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