Defensive Posture Assessment

It’s your defense that keeps attackers out in the first place.

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How effective are your current defensive capabilities?

In today’s threat landscape, you’re likely investing a substantial amount in cyber defense to ensure that your mission and business functions are adequately protected. However, an objective analysis of the effectiveness of your cybersecurity operations unit capabilities will help determine the return on previous cybersecurity investments and provide data regarding where new investments are most needed.  

MindPoint Group has a proven and repeatable process for helping organizations assess their current ability to detect, investigate, and respond to attacks. We use industry-recognized security SMEs and current threat information to conduct our Defensive Posture Assessment (DPA), which evaluates technology, process, and staffing elements of your cyber defense capability to help you make effective decisions on how to improve your cybersecurity and defensive posture. Gaps and areas for improvement that are identified are used to build a roadmap for maturing your cyber defense unit’s ability to effectively protect mission and business operations.

Defensive Posture Assessment

An MPG Defensive Posture Assessment helps organizations:

  • Define the necessary cybersecurity capabilities and roles
  • Capture the current operational state
  • Spell out capability gaps
  • Provide a roadmap for improvements

Our assessment focuses on your people, technology, and process, providing an evaluation of your organization’s ability to fulfill its core mission. With security at the forefront.

Continuous Improvement with DevSecOps

We consider a DPA as part of an ongoing process to identify areas for improvement through an iterative process of conducting DPAs and cyclically feeding lessons learned back into the process improvement mechanisms we put into place to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of current and future capabilities. The DPA can serve as a formal “check” in the Plan-Do-Check-Act process improvement cycle. As such, the DPA will serve to mature day-to-day operations.