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GRC is Your Cybersecurity Posture

A key part of effective IT governance is ensuring the correct information is accessible to the right people at the right time. In large, complex organizations, governance alone can be incredibly challenging. Aligning governance practices must happen before effective decision-making regarding risk and risk management can take place.

Understanding the risks your organization confronts is an important part of determining where your IT spend and precious resources should be directed in order to mitigate the risks discovered. Managing this risk tends to produce significant backlogs that may take years to fully realize, let alone needing to juggle it while operating and defending your IT estate as best as you can.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Whether your driving force is an external regulatory agency, or an internal compliance body, effectively implementing organization-wide compliance practices is hard. Compliance impact nearly every aspect of cybersecurity and how you operate your IT environments. MindPoint Group can support your GRC efforts regardless of your standards. We have significant experience with:

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Framework and Policy

GRC starts with a framework and related policies. Selecting the right one for your business is as important as the implementation. Additionally, when should you or should you not customize the policy?

MPG has developed, recommended, and implemented cybersecurity frameworks and overlays at hundreds of organizations. Our business-first approach ensures we truly understand your business, identify the challenges, and recommend GRC-based solutions to solve your problems.

In our typical GRC engagements, we frequently deal with customer’s existing tools and are able to recommend and implement additional tools as needed to enable the full implementation of effective GRC processes.


An assessment is a way you learn where your organization stands in its compliance journey. These assessments take many different forms but regardless of your need, assessments exist to identify gaps where your current demonstrated business policies and procedures differ from the selected framework.

In our assessments, we collect and review your organization’s security documentation and summarize gaps in policies, procedures, and supporting evidence when compared to your compliance standard. The resulting Gap Analysis Report can then be used to prioritize high-value changes to your compliance and security posture.

MPG has a long track record of successful assessments. These include:

Risk Management Framework >>
US DoD Authority to Operate (ATO) >>
Third-Party Risk Management >>

Compliance Testing

Many regulatory compliance requirements mandate routine testing of the stated framework policies and procedures. MPG’s GRC testing leaves no stone uncovered in our quest to prove your compliance. As a FedRAMP 3PAO, we have significant experience preparing formal regulatory reports for environments of any size.

Third-Party Risk Management

Every organization has vendors, and each of those vendors one presents an additional risk that must be understood and managed. In fact, many security frameworks have requirements that organizations must complete routine third-party vendor risk assessments in order to gain compliance.

Third-party risk management programs take different forms, and MPG offers a full complement of services to meet every need.

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GRC Designed with your Business in Mind

We don’t think of your organization’s GRC as one team’s role—it’s best viewed as an embedded strategy throughout the entire organization. GRC done properly spans all aspects of the IT organization but is accessible, well understood, and well-automated to the point where policies can be integrated into DevOps and DevSecOps practices across the board.

MPG’s experience across all three disciplines enables us to identify gaps in strategy and develop plans and programs that work with how your organization works. Working with existing teams and processes requires that your GRC partner have a strong emotional intelligence that will help us work more closely with your staff to understand the core problem, and deliver the solutions that close the gap.

Whether you need to implement your entire GRC program anew, or just need help with one of the pillars, we’re here to help.

TPRM Services

Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) is a critical component of your overall GRC strategy. An effective strategy not only shines a light on areas of potential risk but also sets you up for a more successful audit process. In order to do this, you need a partner that understands your organization and has experience completing thorough assessments and recommending appropriate action.  Learn more about our TPRM Services and download our eBook to get started.

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