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Policy and Procedure Templates for FedRAMP

Why Use MindPoint Group’s Policy and Procedure Templates?

Attaining a FedRAMP ATO is a complicated and involved process that requires hundreds of pages of documentation, testing, and evidence. Our policy and procedure templates for FedRAMP are engineered to fast-track your FedRAMP authorization process.

It’s a combination of expertly-written policy and procedure document templates, paired with support and guidance you need to attain a FedRAMP ATO in a faster and more efficient manner.


A curated and expertly created set of policy and procedure templates in Microsoft Word and Excel formats that contain a significant amount of information required for successful FedRAMP audits, written in the way the FedRAMP PMO expects to see it.


Our templates are backed by FedRAMP experts that will answer questions and provide guidance on template use, tool selection, control implementation, and best practices.



FedRAMP Templates from the Experts

As a FedRAMP accredited Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO), we’re experts at navigating the complexities of FedRAMP. In fact, our team passed our own FedRAMP 3PAO audit with zero findings.

Few organizations will succeed with a FedRAMP ATO completely on their own. Don’t go it alone!

Every template subscription purchase includes access to our team of FedRAMP support experts to answer your questions.


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Comprehensive. Our pre-written policy and procedures meet the NIST 800-53 controls for a FedRAMP Moderate system. Customizable areas are clearly marked so you can tailor to the specifics of your organization and systems.

Expertly Written. We have delivered hundreds of FedRAMP assessments and audits with success. It’s this expertise that we deliver in our templates and the ongoing support.

Convenient Format. Our templates are provided in a combination of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel formats.

Expertly Supported. Ask questions about how to best use the documents and possible advice on best practices, tool selection, and control implementation.

Digital Delivery. We deliver the documents digitally. Click, pay, download, and you’re ready to get started.

FedRAMP Moderate. FedRAMP Li-SaaS, Low, and High are all coming soon.

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Save hundreds of hours. Our templates layout all the information you need while informing you of any gaps in your existing processes and procedures.

Get the answers you need with expert help desk access. Our FedRAMP experts will help eliminate confusion by providing direction, advice, and minor documentation reviews as you work through the templates.

Stay informed. We provide template updates as the FedRAMP Program Management Office (PMO) updates requirements.


Technical assistance. We will answer specific formatting and template-use questions.

FedRAMP Question and Answer. We are well-versed on the expectations of the FedRAMP PMO, and we’re here to answer template content questions.

Template Updates. As the FedRAMP PMO makes standards changes and updates, we will make sure you’re up-to-date on all new requirements.

Advice on tool selection. Need guidance on your technology choices? We recommend tools and technology to meet the required controls.

Control implementation technical assistance. MindPoint Group’s support will provide technical advice and direction for the best control implementation for your organization.


We offer simple, straightforward pricing for access to our templates. No speaking to a salesperson required.

Template use technical assistance
Template contents basic Q&A
Template updates
Tool selection advice
Control implementation
technical guidance and advice
1 Year
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between MPG’s templates and what’s available at FedRAMP.gov? 

MindPoint Group’s templates have comprehensive policy and procedure contents that are not provided by the FedRAMP template documents.

What will my Level oEffort be to fill the templates? 

At least three months of part-time support from a main team member and additional support from other team members as needed.

Can I see an example of what MindPoint Group’s provided templates look like? 

We’re glad you asked! You can check out a snippet of the documentation your subscription provides here.


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