Penetration Testing Services

How secure is your application or network? Don't wait to find out. With Pen Test services from MPG, our pen testers to do their best to identify exploits and vulnerabilities and report back their findings to give you a chance to improve your overall security posture for your project.

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Penetration Testing services

How does investing in pen testing secure your organization's assets? 

Penetration tests are simulated attacks against your applications, network, and infrastructure that are designed to find previously unknown vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. These exploits can lead to loss of data, damage to your organization's reputation, regulatory and compliance issues, and financial losses.
During a Penetration Test, our hackers will look through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), libraries, infrastructure, and network components in order to identify directly exploitable vulnerabilities, or in many cases, multiple vulnerabilities that can be chained together to create an exploit. Any findings will be reported back to you, and you will then have the opportunity to improve your internal processes and overall security posture allowing you to better secure your assets, making them safer from bad players.

Penetration Testing benefits

We use active and passive pen testing tactics to find more vulnerabilities so you can fix them.

Actionable knowledge is power

Our hackers leave no stone unturned in identifying your digital weaknesses so that they can be remediated.  Every finding is reported with full context, suggested resolution, and any workarounds or compensating controls possible. We will also provide leadership with the necessary risk-based information for guided decision making.


Cost savings and avoidance

On average, the cost of a data breach in the US is $8.19 million. The money spent on penetration testing is money saved on incident response and potential damages.


Compliance and public assurance

Along with regulatory (PCI, FedRAMP, etc.) requirement compliance, our penetration testing services will improve your internal processes and overall security posture. The results? Secure customer data and protection of your brand.

Find and remediate security vulnerabilities

Your trusted
pen testing experts

  • Expertise in some of the most secure US Government environments
  • We have tested and penetrated (and helped secure) commercial applications that are used by millions daily and have discovered several CVEs.
  • Methodical testers that also work in conjunction with our defense teams makes us all stronger
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Pen Testing and ethical Hacking Services
Penetration testing features overview

Penetration Testing features

Beyond the basics

MPG will attempt to penetrate your application, not just run a vulnerability scan.  We’ll then present a full report detailing what needs to be fixed.

Automated and manual attacks

Automation is important to quickly cover many bases. We use that output to identify and craft highly targeted manual attacks.

Reports and remediation advice

You’ll receive a detailed report containing tests performed, results, any vulnerabilities discovered, and remediation strategies.
Penetration testing environment sizing

Application and Network
Pen Testing

Small, medium, large, or gigantic. We've got you.





Automated Testing
We use cutting edge tooling to scan for known vulnerabilities and common defects.
Manual Testing
Our testers use pointers from automatic scanning to develop additional manual attacks.
Exploit Findings
Our tester will string together multiple vulnerabilities into a sample exploit.
Application Pages
Web, compiled, and COTS applications.
Network Endpoints
Network devices, systems, or other endpoints.
POAM Writeup
Plan Of Action and Milestones.
Add-on available
Add-on available
Add-on available
Followups Included
Validations after you have made corrections to your network or application.
Project Duration
3 weeks
4 weeks
5 weeks
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How can our Pen Testing experts help you?

Resources from our Pen Test team

Learn more about our penetration tests and vulnerabilities we have uncovered.