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Women in Leadership: Meet Two of MindPoint Group's Directors

As a minority and woman-led business, MindPoint Group has worked diligently to bring together smart, talented professionals from diverse backgrounds. With our core values in mind at the start of a new year, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce two of MindPoint Group’s new directors.  

Patricia Gietl is MindPoint Group’s Director of Business Growth and Davida Gray is the Director of Human Resources. As women leaders in the industry, we talked through their unique perspectives on cybersecurity, diversity, work-life balance, and more.

The interview

What advice do you have for women looking to make a career for themselves in cybersecurity?

Davida: “Women should remain confident and follow the path that they want for themselves, but always give yourself grace and know that you are good enough even if things may feel uneasy or life happens that deviates our path for a while. Never forget, we can do anything we set our minds too!”

Patricia: “My advice - do it! Be a trailblazer! Entering the field of cybersecurity not only means high pay and strong job security, but it is also an opportunity to protect the data, assets, and intellectual property of governments, corporations, and individuals. There are many programs at schools, colleges and organizations created to ensure gender equality and diversity in an exciting new field that will do nothing but grow with increased demands. These programs will mentor you through to overcome barriers to success in a career path that affords flexibility and creative excitement for women.”

Great point, Patricia. These programs can be powerful tools to help others advance in the field. Why do you think we need more women in leadership positions in cybersecurity?

Patricia: “STEM careers in general, and cybersecurity in particular, have experienced a shortage of women participants. The dramatic rise in cybersecurity demands and the general shortfall in the available talent pool are now shedding light on the lack of women in the field. To have a thriving and successful cybersecurity organization, it’s crucial to hire a diverse group. As target focus is being more refined by successful firms to thwart cybersecurity attacks, they find that more women are needed, especially when it comes to women-targeted consumer products, paving the way for even more success in understanding and proactively preventing these attacks.”

Davida, this connects to your work in Human Resources. As a leader, how do you stay mindful of who's at the table and who's missing?

Davida: “First, I always look for the diversity in people as a must have ‘at the table’ which is paramount to ensure we don’t get too comfortable and assume we already have good representation in this area. In addition, I look for diversity of thought, experiences, and perspective as well as who can add challenge to what we are attempting to accomplish that would push us to be fully accountable from as many angles as possible. If we all are in agreement on things from the beginning, it’s a signal to me that perhaps we are missing some voices that should be here to ensure we put forth our best in whatever we are planning or creating.”  

With all of these great initiatives you both are working on, it sounds like you have a lot on your plates! How do you maintain work-life balance as a leader in the cybersecurity industry?

Davida: “I am mindful not to lose sight of why I do the work that I perform which is ultimately to contribute to the greater good for others. With that in mind, I know that I can’t be my best if I am misaligned and off balance personally. I set boundaries, make myself available to my family and friends, and pay attention to my own needs and give myself the space to take care of me, which benefits not only me, but everyone around me.”

The respect that MindPoint Group shows to differing perspective and experience fosters innovation and transformation at every level of our cybersecurity business. We're thrilled to have both Patricia and Davida on our team, and we can't wait to see how their leadership helps us solve today's cybersecurity challenges with an eye on tomorrow's needs.

Are you looking for opportunities in cybersecurity? Good news – we're expanding our team with jobs throughout our organization. Check out the Careers page for a list of all the jobs we have available in cybersecurity.

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