January 25, 2011

NEI Cyber Security Implementation Workshop

Greetings, and happy 2011.  It has been entirely too long since we've posted an update.  In spite of that, I think 2011 will be a fruitful year in terms of our contributions to the security community through the blog and other avenues.

In any case, our first update of the year is an exciting one.  I will be attending the Nuclear Energy Institute's (NEI) Cyber Security Implementation Workshop being held in Baltimore this week.  For anyone unfamiliar with the industry, nuclear power plants in the US are strictly regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).  While much of the regulation is focused on the things you'd consider standard for any type of power plant (production rules, waste disposal, etc) there is a whole section of applicable regulation which deals with cyber security for these plants.  Obviously, security where nuclear material is concerned is a matter of national security and life and death.

I am participating on a panel which will cover some of the work being done by the industry to create a program by to measure its compliance with the cyber security regulations which on Wednesday.  If you happen to be going, I will see you there.  If not, I think this is a good topic for some more posts to start the year.

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