OpenShift TV- Ansible and the Public sector

Public Sector on Air: Cybersecurity, Compliance, & Automation with Red Hat

Public Sector on Air features Red Hatters, partners, and customers from public sector entities talking about common problems that need to be solved in the sector. Justin Nemmers, one of MindPoint Group's Directors and former GM of the Ansible Business Unit,  joins Red Hat's Chris Short to talk all things Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Automation with Ansible.


Justin mentioned several MindPoint Group offerings that both public sector and commercial organizations can use to help with their security automation challenges. Still need help finding a resource mentioned? Contact us and we are happy to help you with your cybersecurity questions.

1. Lockdown Enterprise

Lockdown Enterprise is a collection of  Ansible Role Content that enables you to automate, validate, and remediate system configuration compliance to regulatory requirements (NIST, PCI, HIPAA, and others) all using Ansible. You can now download Lockdown Enterprise for free (yes, free!) making it easy for you to get full coverage for STIG and CIS requirements.

2. Ansible Counselor

As you heard in this video, the faster you adopt automation, the more significant difference you can make in your organization. Ansible Counselor helps you accelerate Ansible adoption, and ensure widespread automation doesn’t add new risks to the business.

Ansible Counselor provides on-demand access to Ansible experts that guide your teams on their automation journey.  Whether you need a Playbook to automate a task, best-practices answers, or strategic planning, our Ansible Counselor subscription is for you.

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