Current State of FISMA Series

Not that FISMA was ever not a hot topic for security professionals in and around the Federal government, but lately news about the legislation has reached critical mass.  As a result, we'll be publishing a series of articles/posts on the current state of FISMA and the current state of security within the Federal government in general.  As a general outline we'll walk through the following points:

  1. Part 1: FISMA-bashing - The big news items related to FISMA and the monumental sea changes and rewriting of the law that have made big headlines.
  2. Part 2: The Chasm Between Compliance and Everyone Else - Some of the detrimental forces undercutting security efforts in the Federal government.
  3. Part 3: What Is the Target? - All FISMA legalese, OMB reporting requirements, and other things aside, what is it we're shooting for here?

The main goal of this series of posts is to clarify the current state of affairs and provide some perspective to the topic from people working on this on a daily basis.  

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