A Day in the life at MPG: Proposal Specialist

This month we’re interviewing Terri, a member of the Growth team at MindPoint Group. In this blog, you’ll learn about Terri’s background, why she loves working on proposals, and how she is helping MPG’s business grow.

Working at MPG as a Proposal Specialist

Walk us through your background. How did you get started working in technology/security? 

I started out working in technology when I was just 19 years old, so my background is quite lengthy, but even still, MPG is only the 5th company I’ve ever worked for. I started my career working as a receptionist for Price Waterhouse and was always really interested in what the consultants were doing and asking how I could help them. I started working on graphics for their proposals and client deliverables and ended up eventually leading a small graphics department within the company. Fast forward to other companies, and after 9/11, the company I was working for at the time shut down their DC office. I ended up going to my first government contracting company, DFI International. Eventually, I worked as an EA at another contracting company and started to help out with some proposal work. It was there that the lightbulb really clicked for me, and I found out that I loved reading solicitations. I learned I have a real talent for figuring out what the government was really asking for in a proposal response. . From there I started doing proposals as my full-time job and really loved it. I then found the position at MPG and decided to apply because of the raving reviews from employees on Glassdoor. Once I read the comments and saw how dedicated the company is to employees and giving back to the community, I knew I had to be a part of MPG.

Describe your current role. What is your typical day like? 

While there is no typical day, I spend most of my time working on proposals and RFIs. A lot of my time is also spent interviewing some of MPG’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on our technical approach and processes. I’m then able to translate the technical approach, the people involved, and how the technology works into the proposal draft. 

What are the biggest challenges you face in a day?

I’ve always been a gadget geek and have loved technology but have never been someone working hands-on for technical projects. That in-depth aspect of proposal writing can be challenging at times. However, that challenge ends up being so much fun because I love learning more about our consulting work and the problems that MPG is able to help our customers solve.

 What is your favorite part of your job? 

As I mentioned, my biggest challenge is also one of my favorite parts of my job. Interviewing internal SMEs and learning about the impact we’re making is really cool. I love that my job is able to help the company grow and able to help our customers. 

Why do you love cybersecurity? 

I love cybersecurity because it is the single most important line of defense we need to have as a country and a society in this day in age. Supporting the people who do that work makes me feel like I am helping the American people because I am supporting the people who keep bad things from happening.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, I am very into theater and absolutely love all aspects of it. I am the Kids Playwrighting Festival Director for Twin Beach Players, a community theatre group in Calvert County, MD. I also have a son and a cat named Mittens that I love spending time with as well. 

Last book you read and/or tv show you binged?

The last book I read was by JD Rob called Faithless in Death. 

What is your favorite part of MindPoint Group? 

I’m not sure I can give you just one thing, but I will try to narrow it down. I love the diversity at MPG, the willingness of people to share their experiences, and how gracious everyone is. Everyone is really excited about the work that we do here, and how we’re helping customers — it is so contagious!

Check back next month, where we will highlight another MPG employee. In the meantime, check out our job openings to find the right fit for you. 

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