September 3, 2010
Current State of FISMA Part 1: FISMA-bashing

  When it comes to FISMA we have seen two things: Over the last 8 years the federal government has...

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August 25, 2010
Gmail Account Hacks

It seems that sometime within the last 12 hours there has been a widespread attack against Gmail.  I first noticed...

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July 19, 2010
Current State of FISMA Series

Not that FISMA was ever not a hot topic for security professionals in and around the Federal government, but lately...

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February 23, 2010
Reputation Filtering and Old Nightmares

So, I saw this update over at the SANS Internet Storm Center, and it pushed a button.  Well, I should...

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February 19, 2010
Search Poisoning and Security Awareness Training

I was talking to my brother just now about recent search poisoning that was occurring related to the story about...

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February 12, 2010
TPM Chip Hacked

Darkreading and a few other sites have posted this story about a security researcher named Chris Tarnovsky who has been...

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September 28, 2009
Physical Security Breach

It’s interesting to me that some people within security community seem to create such strong divisions between some of the...

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